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Large scale political map of North and Central America, including Alaska, Canada, USA (United States), part of Greenland, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the West Indies islands as far east as Puerto Rico and part of Columbia and Venezuela. Countries are shown in bright colours with their borders enhanced by darker colouring. State boundaries and names are marked for Canada and the United States.

The map shows major towns and cities, together with the major road and rail networks, shipping routes, major rivers, and other geographical features including mountain ranges and deserts. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 10° intervals. Also included are inset maps of the Aleutian Islands and Hawaiian Islands shown at 1:7,500,00, together with an inset map showing the Polar View of North America, Europe and Asia (1:120,000,000). There is also a small inset physical map of the map area showing heights above sea level and an inset map showing the International Time Zones of the world. Legend: English, German, French

The map is produced on quality 130 g/m² matt paper with the durable encapsulated version bonded between two sheets of tough, flexible, crystal clear plastic, perfect for framing without the need for glass and allowing you, should you wish, to write on/wipe off with dry or wet pens.

Also available as a paper wall map or a folded map.

Map Type

Encapsulated wall map ISBN/EAN: 978 1 85879 2422, Paper wall map ISBN/EAN: 978 1 85879 2415


1: 10,000,000


Wall map


Roger Lascelles

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106cm x 74cm

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